Chocolate orange deodorant – Oh my!

Just got back from picking the girls up from kindergarten and hoping I’ll have a bit of time to blog as I can hear them playing happily in the road. It’s not quite as irresponsible as it sounds – we live in a dead end, so fingers crossed they won’t get run over.

ANYWAY, I’d like to share a couple of deodorant recipes with you. I haven’t used commercial deodorants for years. I mistrust the companies that make them and what they put in them, so for a while I used a lovely brand of natural deodorant. It came in about 6 different scents, all of which smelled divine but it cost nearly £7 a pop!

This motivated me to look into making my own deodorants and I started with a really simple recipe, using ingredients you can pick up at most supermarkets:

  • 150g coconut oil
  • 70g bicarbonate of soda
  • 40g arrowroot powder
  • 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice

Melt the coconut oil over the lowest heat possible. Add the bicarb and arrowroot and stir until it has all mixed in. Add the essential oil, stir again and pour into some small jars. Put in fridge to set.

GetAttachment (10)This worked really well, but frankly, it just wasn’t complicated and time-consuming enough for me, so after a bit more online research (several hours spent on Pinterest), I came up with the following recipe:


  • 100g coconut oil
  • 20g cocoa butter
  • 70g bicarbonate of soda
  • 40g arrowroot powder
  • 10g bentonite clay
  • 10 drops orange  essential oil

The bentonite clay is optional and it will turn the mix grey. I include it because it is great for drawing out toxins.

Melt the coconut oil and cocoa butter over the lowest heat possible.GetAttachment (11) Add the bicarb, arrowroot and bentonite clay and keep stirring until all the lumps disappear. Remove from heat (it should be warm but not hot) and add the essential oil. Stir it in, then pour into whatever receptacles you are using (small jars, old lotion pots, etc…). Put straight into the fridge so it sets quickly without separating and leave until set.

When you remove it from the fridge it will be quite hard, so you may want to wait until it has sat at room temperature for a while before trying it out. I just scrape a small amount out with the back of my nail and rub it in.

I did try buying some empty wind-up deodorant cases on ebay, but I actually prefer using it out of the jar. I think I use less and rubbing it in helps stop it transferring to my clothes.

So there you go, chocolate orange deodorant! Try using peppermint essential oil instead for a mint chocolate smell, or if you don’t share my obsession with chocolate, you could swap the cocoa butter for 15g of beeswax pearls and use whatever scent you likeGetAttachment (9)

I prefer the texture of this deodorant to the simpler one and have found it to be super-effective.Please don’t be put off if the ingredients aren’t familiar to you. Below I have done the costings for the recipe, along with suggestions on where to source everything:

  • Coconut oil. I use KTC coconut oil for cooking (coconut oil is one of the best oils for frying with as it has a high burning point and is a very healthy fat) and beauty products. I buy it in bulk on ebay and go through it at a rate of knots. A case of 6x500g costs £15.95, which works out at 53p for the 100g.
  • Cocoa butter. I would strongly urge you to get hold of some of this as I will soon be doing a post on making your own healthy raw chocolate, which is SO easy. Again, I get it on ebay and at just under £9 for 500g, it costs 35p for the 20g.
  • Bicarbonate of soda. You should really stockpile this stuff as it has about eleventy billion different uses. 500g on ebay costs about £2.65, which makes 70g about 37p. Make sure you get aluminium-free.
  • Arrowroot powder. This I buy at Waitrose as it is actually cheaper than ebay. 69p for 80g equals roughly 38p for 40g.
  • Bentonite clay. This draws out impurities and is also an important ingredient in the tooth powder recipe I plan to post soon. On ebay it costs about £2.75 for 250g so 10g costs just 11p.
  • Essential oils. The cost of these varies hugely, depending on where you get them and the quality of the product. I have a collection in my fridge which I have bought from various sources, including online and my local health food shop. I’m going to add 15p on for 10 drops of essential oils, but in reality you’ll probably pay less.

All in all that comes to £1.89 for the whole thing. You should get about 2 small jars of deodorant which will last significantly longer than any shop-bought deodorant. Bargain.

Well, I’ve just dragged the girls back from trespassing in my not-very-friendly neighbour’s garden where they were apparently hoping to use his trampoline. The house is a tip and I have no idea what I’m going to give them for tea. They were less than impressed with yesterday’s effort – some chopped up apple, carrot sticks and cheese cubes with a bit of bread – so I had better up my game tonight. Maybe cereal and a banana?

Om shanti, xxx


2 thoughts on “Chocolate orange deodorant – Oh my!

  1. Reblogged this on Vegan Heath and commented:
    I’ve been after a good deodorant recipe for yonks and here’s one ready made and tested. Brilliant. I’ll be giving this a good go. At last it seems like I have the perfect use for KTC coconut oil!

  2. Glad to be able to help on both counts. It was interesting reading your article on KTC – You came to exactly the same conclusions that I did – great for cooking and putting on your body but stick to the good stuff (Biona, in my opinion) for raw consumption. I’m very new to blogging but really enjoying it. I have spent so many years learning about natural health and finding out what works and what doesn’t – it’s great to finally be able to share it. I only wish I could find more time to blog, but I have two four year olds who work hard to ensure that I have as little free time as possible. Thanks for re-blogging, x

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